DY Nutrition Global has entered into a strategic partnership with Vitema Pharmaceuticals, one of the most modern GMP-certified manufacturing facilities in Romania, for the production of dietary supplements at the highest quality standards.

DY Nutrition Global has entered into a strategic partnership with Vitema Pharmaceuticals, one of the most modern GMP-certified manufacturing facilities in Romania, for the production of dietary supplements at the highest quality standards.

DY Nutrition Global SA has entered into a strategic partnership with Vitema Pharmaceuticals to produce dietary supplements to the highest and safest quality standards and is in the process of transferring its entire production worth €15 million per year to the Sibiu plant.

The decision is a natural one given that Vitema Pharmaceuticals has over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and is one of the largest and most modern GMP-certified pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in Europe.

The company specializes in contract manufacturing services (CMO) for pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements, meeting pharmaceutical industry quality standards. This commitment is confirmed by EU GMP certifications and authorisation to conduct its own clinical trials. Pharmaceutical GMP certification is subject to the highest level of scrutiny and regulation due to the stringent requirements needed to ensure the safety, efficacy and consistency of medicines, unlike GMP standards for dietary supplements, which, while important, are generally less complex and rigorous as dietary supplements are considered a different category of products with inherently lower risks. Manufacturing dietary supplements to pharmaceutical standards is a strong differentiator for Vitema Pharmaceuticals and was instrumental in DY Nutrition Global SA's decision to move production locally:

"Vitema Pharmaceuticals' new business vision and ability to produce to the highest European standards with pharma GMP certification led us to make the game-changing decision for the industry in which we operate to produce nutritional supplements to pharma standards, moving production from third party, locally. I believe this is a major step not only for the development of DY Nutrition, but for the entire sports supplement industry. It is imperative that we keep pace with the direction in which the market is heading, to respond promptly and adaptively to the needs and demands of our consumers both in terms of quality and the most honest cost of the products. I am confident that through this partnership we will be able to implement the vision of the DY Nutrition brand. Dietary supplements, so essential to health and wellness, should not be a luxury, but affordable goods. We are committed to providing high quality products that meet the highest pharmaceutical industry standards at affordable prices." - Mircea Teacă, CEO DY Nutrition Global SA

Recently, Vitema Pharmaceuticals has announced major changes such as the strengthening of the top management team which has managed to surpass the €100 million investment threshold, €10 million in the last 6 months alone, and the signing of strategic partnerships with AI Clinical Research for clinical trials and DY Nutrition Global for contract manufacturing services. The new team has a business vision focused on contract manufacturing services with global market addressability. Among the first steps towards the implementation of the new development strategy are investments in production lines, a change of focus from in-house manufacturing to manufacturing for external partners, a strategic partnership with one of the best global research labs AI Clinical Research and the decision to produce dietary supplements to pharmaceutical standards, leading to the partnership with the DY Nutrition brand:

"At Vitema Pharmaceuticals, our approach is not only about meeting existing standards, but also about redefining new higher standards for safety and efficacy. By manufacturing supplements according to pharmaceutical GMP standards, we ensure that every product that leaves our manufacturing facilities has a high degree of purity and safety and accurately reflects its labeling. We believe it's time for a change in the supplement industry as well, a transition to honesty and complete accountability to consumers. We invite you to join us in this vital mission. Together we can create an environment where consumers can trust the supplements they use and companies can take pride in the products they offer." - Abdul Yassin, CEO Vitema Pharmaceuticals

About Vitema Pharmaceuticals

Strategically located in Sibiu, the factory has 4 production units with a total area of 33,000 square meters, a storage capacity of up to 2,800 pallets, several state-of-the-art laboratories, a research and development center with qualified staff and a 100% automated manufacturing process. Vitema has all the capabilities needed to handle both small and large scale production of a range of products including capsules, film-coated and non-filmed tablets, chewable tablets, sachet powders, as well as injectables, pre-filled syringes and vials. The annual capacity of the factory is 3.5 billion capsules and tablets, 4500 tons of powders and 20 million commercial units.

With assets worth €100 million, production facilities equipped to the highest European standards, large-scale production capacity and quality certifications such as EU GMP pharma, ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and Food Safety Management certification, Vitema Pharmaceuticals is one of the most modern and largest plants in South Eastern Europe and has all the prerequisites to become one of the largest contract manufacturing companies globally. All this makes Vitema Pharmaceuticals a centre of excellence for the development, production and packaging of medicines and food supplements to the highest quality standards.

About DY Nutrition

DY Nutrition Global SA is a nutritional supplement company founded by legendary British bodybuilder Dorian Yates, six-time Mr. Olympia winner, and is one of the leading nutritional supplement companies in Romania. Dorian Yates' over 40 years of experience in the field, attention to detail and passion for fitness have led to the development of specialized sports nutrition products for performance athletes and athletes, as well as vitamins and minerals for all those interested in a healthy lifestyle and concerned about their physical and mental well-being.

The products are already available on six continents, including mature markets in Europe, South America and Southeast Asia. The company's core mission is to provide the general public with products that are essential not only for achieving exceptional sports performance, but also for a healthy eating and lifestyle.