Gary Brecka: Performance At A Biological Level I Shadow Talk with Dorian Yates

Gary Brecka: Performance At A Biological Level I Shadow Talk with Dorian Yates

The latest episode of Shadow Talk features Dorian delving into human biology with the founder of 10X Health System and biologist, Gary Brecka.

With more than 20 years of Bio-Hacking and functional medicine experience, Gary is obsessed with the function and performance of the human body and finding innovative ways to help people achieve absolute peak function in their own bodies.

He works with a hand-picked clinical team of Board-Certified physicians (M.D.s), PhD researchers, business leaders, functional medicine experts, motivators, and scientists with one relentless mission. That is to uncover the safest and fastest way to optimise your mind, body, and spirit through modern science.

Gary, a former-mortality expert in the insurance industry, has experience predicting mortality using medical records and demographic data, down to the month.

Upon leaving this career Gary deepened his interest in blood chemistry, and the longevity-biomarkers found in human blood work. This led to launching his obsessive and relentless pursuit of ways to improve and extend life by optimising these bio-markers.

Gary has therefore begun a worldwide search for the ultimate ways to optimise human life and stop the aging process.

As a former competitive tri-athlete and consultant, Gary has worked with everyone from CEOs to professional athletes from the UFC, NFL, Professional Boxing, and entertainment industries, and now lives to share science-based, research-backed tools for people to live their lives better.

To read more about Gary, visit his website.