Chris Cormier: a deep dive into all things bodybuilding and learning through life

Chris Cormier: a deep dive into all things bodybuilding and learning through life

Joining Dorian on Episode 4 of Shadow Talk is personal friend and professional bodybuilder, Chris Cormier.

I could see everything happening when I was doing it, and I could see the negative. I could see the positive part. I could see when I was contracting. I could see it in my mind. I could see the muscles working and the anatomy of the muscles and everything like that. It was just so pure and so it's like a kind of a meditation, though, in an aggressive way.”

A hugely successful name in the industry, Chris has had a career full of huge highs and lows, competing against some of the very best in the world including against Dorian himself, and appearing on the cover of many bodybuilding magazines,  

Following his retirement from professional bodybuilding, Chris has now worked with the next generation of bodybuilders and continues to be a respected figure in the industry.

Dorian and Chris look back on a life of hard work and fitness. 

You can watch Chriss documentary Chris Cormier: I Am The Real Deal on Amazon now.

 Dorian and Chris discuss their own thoughts on bodybuilding as well as their long-term friendship and training together. They also cover:  

  • Chris’s upbringing in Palm Springs and his personal bodybuilding inspiration
  • The route to bodybuilding success
  • Chris and Dorian’s training together and learning new techniques
  • Taking on the influence of those around you
  • The effects of steroids and controversies
  • Navigating temptations and sacrifice
  • The challenges of training other people