BCAA Overview

BCAA Overview

BCAA or Branched Chain Amino Acids are a compound supplement widely used in the fitness world because they can help the muscle tissue to grow, reduce soreness, and improve the recovery time if taken properly.

The importance of nutrition

Highly regarded as the most important aspect towards achieving absolute physical superiority regarding one’s potential, nutrition is that certain element which demands the utmost care from both an amateur and a professional.

Natural foods represent the cornerstone of nutrition in fitness and physical exercise.Nutrition is the brick stone of nutrition but you can aid it by adding supplements.

Every single person who has the expectation to achieve the pinnacle of their physical evolution will have a serious and healthy diet.

This diet usually consists of a mixture of protein, carbs, and fibers, coming from both plant and animal origin.

However, taking into account how intense the training of such an individual can become at certain times, the diet cannot provide the necessary nutrients that the body demands.

Amino acids supplementation

Supplements are the perfect solution if the diet cannot provide all the nutrients. Because building and maintaining quality muscle is the goal of most fitness activities, we are going to analyze how we can facilitate a better creation of such tissue.

Taking a good look at the first step for such a task, we find that it's not the protein, but the amino acids which are the building block of protein.

There are 20 to 22 standard amino acids, out of which 8 are essential. This means that they are not synthesized in the body and require to be administered from an external source.

These 8 essential amino acids each have their own purpose and role:

  • Histidine improves digestion
  • Lysine helps with building protein and revitalization
  • Phenylalanine helps with endurance
  • Methionine metabolizes fat and helps digestion
  • Threonine helps the protein absorption
  • Leucine is an extremely strong natural anabolic agent
  • Isoleucine helps with the recovery of muscle
  • Valine helps with the repair and growth of muscle tissue

The last three amino acids are considered to be the most important ones in the fitness and physical exercise universe thanks to their remarkable properties which help develop muscle.

Most BCAA supplements use the ingredients listed above but Dorian Yates'  intra-workout does even more. HIT BCAA also contains:

  • Citrulline Malate helps combat muscle weakness
  • Beta-Alanine protects the muscle from oxidation
  • Tyrosine boosts the absorption of protein

BCAA usage

Professionals tend to take higher doses than normally recommended but that is due to the fact that their training sessions far outweigh that of a normal individual.

These amino acids can be taken both before, after, and during workouts, with each choice producing a different outcome. 

HIT BCAA 10:1:1 contains a massive 12 grams of Branched Chain Amino Acids per serving, designed to minimize tissue breakdown during training and enhance recovery time between sets.

With the inclusion of beta-alanine, citrulline malate and tyrosine in the HIT BCAA you’re also able to sustain your maximum effort on each set and shatter PB’s — which is crucial for long-term muscle adaptation to take place.

Dorian Yates

BCAA 10:1:1 prevents depletion of excess amino acids during training and allows you to stave off catabolism during training, allowing you to increase your reps on each lift.

If you want to maximize the recovery and reduce the soreness you can add to your supplementations The Glutamine Recovery.

The Glutamine is recommended by Dorian Yates not only for gym goers but also people who prefer natural motion exercises.

The benefits of amino acids

If you take BCAA before training, amino acids can help deal with muscle soreness better and also makes the recovery time a little shorter. Taken afterward can increase that recovery benefit even more so.

A study in the Italian journal “Medicina Dello Sport” put to the test the claims that amino acids facilitate a better muscular development taken in addition with a good diet and exercise plan.

The study implicated 31 participants, all male bodybuilders, between the ages of 18 and 34 which were drug-free and had a minimum of two years of training experience.

A study group consisting of 16 subjects were given placebo pills and the other study group of 15 subjects were given branched-chained amino acid supplement before and after training up to a quantity of 0.2 g per kilogram.

After a while it was noted that those ingesting BCAA supplement presented an increase in muscular size in contrast with those that only took placebo.

In another study conducted in 2005 by Mark Dodson of the University of California-Los Angeles, revealed that taking amino acids before a workout highly promoted muscle synthesis.

The body is being kept in an anabolic state by the BCAA’s and other amino acids, meaning that muscles keep on growing rather than breaking down.

Also, these compounds promote muscle repair during a workout and help reduce muscle soreness.

It’s safe to assume now that BCAA is a good and necessary addition into an athlete's strict lifestyle that offers only remarkable benefits when used wisely and therefore is, in a sense,  indispensable towards achieving that absolute goal of physical perfection.

Who should use BCAA?

Even though it seems to be perfectly tailored to suit the needs of professionals, BCAA's appliance is vast in the fitness world.

By testing the product, athletes soon find out that it becomes indispensable and a key component towards reaching their goal.

It eases many efforts, sacrifices and even manages to turn around the perception of the impossibility of attaining the fantastic recompense deeply engraved into one’s desire to manifest his potential.

That is what this particular product does, that is the power wielded by it. DY Nutrition's HIT BCAA, is a product of quality, earning the spotlight for its recipe.