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Quality and pretty cheap

Whey Protein Shadowhey Concentrate Chocolate - going through some changes

I've been buying DY protein for years. I Loved the 'Chocolate' flavour. I believe originally it had real chocolate in it (now skimmed coco powder and flavourings).

The chocolate flavour was out of stock for a while. When it came back into stock last year the taste had sadly changed. The once rich chocolate was now a cookies and cream taste. I've just bought another batch. I can tell DY have tried to adjust the flavour again - which I appreciate them trying to make improvements. However now I am getting all most like coffee overtones (I can't really describe it). I guess the reason for the changes maybe profit margins? I guess in an ideal world I'd like to pay the same and get better ingredients, but maybe that's not possible?

Also small note: on this batch the plastic scoop has changed to a small stubby one. You used to have a really smart plastic scoop with an extra long handle, this was neat as it meant you could avoid getting your hands in the protein powder. We do notice these details!

Christopher Shaw

I find it tastes amazing. Really look forward to drinking after training.
A Quick delivery. Powder mixes easily, I have absolute trust in the DY brand.

Sean Birtwell
Excellent products

Trained for 30 years and have used various brands but the thing with Dorians supplements is they are exactly what it says on the tub 100% pure ,no crap fillers mixed in just high quality ingredients which will only benefit you no matter what your goals are 💪🏻

Robert Marcu
Whey Protein Shadowhey Concentrate 2Kg, 66 Servings

Good quality, easy mixing, pleasant taste

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