DY Nutrition Partnership

As you may or may not be aware, there is a huge variation in quality of raw materials available to use by the leading manufacturers in the industry. Unfortunately, the brands that people most use, are spending more on marketing than the actual raw quality ingredients, in turn, leaving you with an overly hyped, low grade poorly absorbed product.

Our new ‘RENEW’ range has had no expense spared in its production process as we source all of our own raw materials and produce them in our very own facility here in the UK!

Using only the most effective processes available in today's industry, all our formulations contain the exact stated doses and are put together by our very own biochemist and are all in hygienic single serving sachets for convenience.  

If you’re interested in becoming part of the Dorian Yates Nutrition family, here's the benefits you will receive:

  1. A free in-depth educational document which you can study and use as a reference.
  2. Access to an exclusive group for ‘RENEW’ trainers where there will be webinars with Dorian Yates. Along with regular training tips, knowledge and also tips from myself on how to improve your game and skill set as a personal trainer.
  3. You will receive a monthly commission (of 25% from the sales for the Renew range price and 15% from the sales for the Shadowline range, calculated from the sales total without shipping fees and VAT) straight to your bank for the supplements you advise to your clients. using your unique discount code. 
  4. Free supplements to get you started.

To be a part of our team, please fill the form below and we will send you the contract to be signed and to start make history together!