From The Shadow - Dorian Yates

From The Shadow - Dorian Yates

In this world of make-believe, it’s easy to forget who you are and where you came from. Maybe even more so when we’re talking about the universe of fitness and bodybuilding.

If you do it, do it for yourself

People become so invested in their transformation that they often tend to lose themselves in the process.

It’s not the case for Dorian. He has always been down-to-earth and embraced his modest origins.Dorian Yates didn't train for fame or status, he trained because he wanted to change his life.

Dorian never wanted to become something else. The Shadow wanted to improve to the point where there’s nothing left.

Full of fiery ambition, Dorian did it all for himself. Not for fame, nor to show others.

He defied all odds and built his story with sweat and applied consistency. Surrounded by smoke and mirrors, he lays it all bare in an autobiography unlike any other you’ve read before.

The Shadow Persona

Throughout the pages, you will discover a funny and genuine Dorian, an image so different from the one he showed the world in his golden years.

The Shadow will take you in the backstage of the most renowned bodybuilding competitions, tackling all the problematic issues, from training schedules to the use of steroids.Dorian Adopted a new persona on his stage. The Shadow represented everything he wanted to be in the eyes of public.

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Dorian has nothing to hide. He never had. People were just too afraid to ask him the right questions. But the time has come for him to share his story with the world.

And it’s quite a heartfelt and powerful one.

You’d never expect a professional bodybuilder to be so in touch with his emotions and his heritage and this is what has always distinguished him from his competitors.

Leveraging your emotions in order to reach your goals more efficiently is one of the most powerful weapons.

His Struggles

This is why, for the first time ever, Dorian talks about his childhood, the complicated relationship with his parents, the troubled teenage years and the struggle of filling the role of a good husband and father while training hard and trying to win world championships.

Like anyone of us, he dealt with estrangement. Only to come back to life when everything seemed to be crumbling around.Dorian Yates was known for his hard work. His Hard Work was drove by his need to become better.

This book is an introspective journey. It's Filled with candid revelations and humbleness.

Dorian talks about sports-related injuries, love, loss, and grief in a way that will make even the most exigent reader tick.

The Shadow, The Myth, The Human

We are usually tempted to see a gap between our heroes and our world. We try to convince ourselves that they’ve been wrought by special circumstances. Never have we been so wrong and Dorian demonstrates this along the way.

He debunks all the myths and shows us how to awaken our inner heroes with passion and dedication. This openness and straightforwardness are what makes him different.

And there’s no secret that Dorian wants everybody to succeed. That's why he started DY Nutrition and the DY Academy program after he stepped down from the bodybuilding scene.

It may be his greatest accomplishment.Dorian Yates has retired from Bodybuilding. He has now adopted a new lifestyle.

His life changed overnight after he won his first Mr. Olympia title, then again after he had to retire due to aggravated injuries. It’s a shock many people wouldn’t recover from. Yet he did and he made the most out of it.

If we were to concentrate the essence of this book into a short phrase, this would be it: what makes us human made him a hero. There’s no secret formula, just a deep understanding of our emotions and the world we live in.

Dorian is not different than any of us. He has his idols and inspirations, just like we have ours. He had his dreams and aspirations but also the guts to chase them down.

From The Shadow, he steps forward and shines new light upon things we thought we knew. Join Dorian Yates' story in which he spares no detail. It’s going to be intense, enlightening and full of surprises, just like anything he does.

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