BlackBombs - Your Fat-Loss Secret Weapon

BlackBombs - Your Fat-Loss Secret Weapon

Blackbombs™ is a beauty. A powerful, all-encompassing Thermogenic powerhouse like you’ve never seen before, hitting fat from every conceivable angle. Enjoy this fat burning transformer in all its potency as you get leaner by the day. Dorian Yates - 6 time Mr. Olympia

Obviously, intense, disciplined workouts are the inevitable way forward for serious gym-goers. Pushing yourself daily in order to grow, despite all discomfort and pain, is the champion’s way. But lifting, crunches, push- and pull-ups can grow and give definition only to the muscle mass underneath the skin.

This mass is important, and so is the strength, but they are actually only half the story when it comes to creating the complex, sculpted body.

Muscle Mass Definition

Even if your dreams do not reach as far as becoming Mr. Olympia, Dorian Yates, muscle definition is a result desired by everyone. To have the goods and to be able to show them is the name of success.

Having the mass and also showing the texture of the muscle underneath is the desired look for anyone interested in building up their body.

But the layer of fat cells under the skin is not as tractable as the muscle tissue.

Flex the muscles as much as you might like, the fat on top of them follows its own program. And what to do about those regions of fat accumulation located where there is no muscle underneath which can be worked out in hopes of burning the fat above it?

Love Handles

The love handles and the fatty deposits for which targeted training is not possible are the bane of anyone trying to take back control of their figure. What is there to do? Go to the sauna, wear sweat gear and cross your fingers that it goes away? That may be good enough for the casual person working out at the gym without any serious goals.

The serious gym-goers must find and use all ways to chisel and polish everything that needs touching up. And the champion also knows that it is not just how you use your body, but also what you put into it that matters and the science of nutrition does not disappoint.


BlackbombsTM was created to turn up the flame on the body’s fat-burner. It is addressed to those interested in high-definition body sculpting. It has a wide range of effects acting on various levels on the fat in your body.

To begin with, it has thermogenic components which catalyze the body’s natural process of burning down fats. After it breaks down fat cells, it releases them to be used as fuel in the bloodstream. In other words, the fat that you lose is used to feed your body in its process of recovery, and will actually improve your energy levels.

Since the mental aspect of training is so important, BlackbombsTM also has ingredients that improve mood, as well as reduce appetite.

It is consistent enough to satisfy the dieter between meals, thus allowing them to follow the diet with more discipline. Meanwhile, the fat melts away.

The way to get shredded has just been made easier.

Blackbombs is one of the products created, endorsed and used by Dorian Yates in his own training program. It picks up where your workout leaves off, rounding off its impact on the metabolism to give you the body you desire.

It is formulated to cover all the important factors keeping you from your dream body.

More specifically, it accelerates the body’s natural fat-burning processes (this is the effect of the 800mg of Berberine and Capsicum), it blunts appetite in order to stop you from continuing to eat and adding to your problem, thereby reducing the input of calories that will tend to deposit as fat and keep you away from your desired figure (the 100µg Chromium handles this task),

Also, Blackbombs keeps you in a good place energy-wise with its 200 mg of Teacrine and Caffeine, allowing you to avoid that sense of physical weakness that makes so many diets fall apart.

The entire set of factors which make or break the effectiveness of dieting has been taken into account in formulating Blackbombs, making it one of the most comprehensive and effective dieting supplements.


Let’s take a closer look at how Blackbombs achieves these effects. One of its components, Berberine HCL is an alkaloid with a long history of medical application. It gives its yellow color to the BlackbombsTM product.

Berberine stimulates the digestion component of your diet by enhancing digestive gland output. It stimulates the body at a deep level and acts as a metabolic regulator.

There are indications that Berberine decreases insulin resistance, thereby reducing blood sugar levels, while increasing glycolysis in the cells of the body, helping it break down sugars. 

Berberine will also slow down carbohydrate breakdown, naturally giving you more energy throughout the day, and eliminating those energy lulls which make most diets so difficult to sustain in combination with having a regular life with its own, non-negligible energy demands.

Capsicum 8:1

Next among the ingredients of BlackbombsTM is Capsicum 8:1, a natural extract from the red chili pepper. Capsicum will boost fat oxidation, increasing the speed at which your body breaks down the fat taken in.

Additionally, it eases the dieter’s life by decreasing appetite and also lends its natural anti-inflammatory powers to diminishing stomach aches and bloating.

These are the small discomforts attending the task of dieting and acting like straws on the camel’s back, adding their weight to the overall difficulty of the process, making dieting such a source of frustration to all but the most stoical among us.


For the mental focus aspect involved in weight loss, BlackbombsTM contains Teacrine, a caffeine-like stimulant of the nervous system which improves awareness and energy levels.

This is good since you don’t want your diet to put you into a constant zombie-like state of confusion and lethargy, making life feel like you are operating heavy machinery other than in the fullness of your mental acuity and capacities.

Teacrine comes with a few bonuses which caffeine does not have. Thus, it does not affect blood pressure, while also acting as a protector for the liver, reducing the impact of stress on this important organ.

Its effect is compounded when taken together with caffeine, which means that you are free to enjoy, in addition to the Teacrine from BlackbombsTM, also your cup of morning coffee and thus to turn up the mental alertness dial to a degree you find comfortable, without the need to also fashion this aspect of your daily life to fit your diet.

What makes the BlackbombsTM formula so powerful is that it will seamlessly integrate into the most regular lifestyle and support it.


Theobromine, naturally found in cocoa, is another alkaloid included among the list of active ingredients in BlackbombsTM.

It specifically targets the nervous system and is effective in raising awareness levels and enhancing cognitive abilities. It is a medically attested fact that it can dilate blood vessels, thereby decreasing blood pressure, and can improve the well-being of the heart by raising levels of HDL Cholesterol, also known as “good cholesterol.”

All this while enabling you to not feel like a zombie while dieting.


Since the mental effects of dieting are so important in obtaining a good or bad outcome to the process, BlackbombsTMcovers this ground very thoroughly and thoughtfully.

Caffeine is also among the list of active ingredients, found in the formula of BlackbombsTM, with its multiple effects as a central nervous system stimulant as well as a deterrent to muscle fatigue.

Caffeine also contributes in other ways to supporting your workouts, specifically by reducing drowsiness and allowing you to focus and intensify your workout while having to pay a lesser price in terms of exhaustion.

Paring BlackbombsTM with a pre-workout like Blood & Guts can give you the extra boost in order to crush your workout and rip the benefits.


On a more metabolic level, Choline is a nutrient essential for bodily functions and overall health. Choline aids by decreasing cholesterol from your system, predominantly in the liver area.

Choline is naturally found in meat, eggs, cheese, etc.

Furthermore, the body uses Choline in order to produce acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter involved in memory and muscle movement.


Another essential ingredient in BlackbombsTM is DL-Phenylalanine, an amino acid acting as a building block for proteins.

It is an important component for the creation of neurotransmitters like dopamine and epinephrine. It is a known fact that higher levels of DL-Phenylalanine can enhance your mood, reduce pain, and improve overall confidence and grit, classic stumbling blocks for any diet.


And finally, Chromium, a mineral element normally present in a variety of foods. Chromium contributes to macronutrient metabolism and maintains blood sugar at normal levels.

Chromium is naturally found in vegetables such as broccoli.

The Chromium picolinate form, as found in BlackbombsTM, has the ability to improve blood sugar levels by enhancing the body’s response to insulin. It will reduce appetite and blunt cravings, further aiding the effort to shed excess weight and fat.


Administer BlackbombsTM normally by taking 2 tablets with 250 ml glass of cold water once per day, preferably in the morning. After you develop a tolerance, start taking 2 tablets in the morning and 2 tablets in the afternoon, no later than 5 hours before bedtime.

Repeat, and watch the fat start to burn off.