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The Fat Loss Stack


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The FAT LOSS Stack – Fat loss bundle

Incinerating Fat - Blood & Guts style!

-        BlackBombs Thermogenic Fat Burner

-        Whey Protein Shadowhey Isolate

-        FAT OFF! Protein Bar

-        RENEW CLA

-        Blood & Guts Pre-Workout

As Dorian has always practiced and preached (in that order), the Fat loss journey starts with weight training, closely followed by diet. The theory is this, develop more lean muscle tissue which is highly metabolically active tissue, and you will burn more calories!

Couple this elevated calorie expenditure with a balanced, well-planned diet, placing you in a calorie deficit… and expect to see fat loss follow. 

Simple in theory, but by no means easy in practice. That is exactly why we want to help you!

Why choose our FAT LOSS Stack?

You know what they say?

“There’s more than one way to skin a cat”

Well, you know what we like to say?

“There’s more than one way to incinerate FAT!”

It’s about attacking fat from all angles, hence DY Nutrition’s INCINERATION Bundle simultaneously reduces energy intake whilst increasing energy expenditure, making it easier to enter that all important calorie deficit!

BlackBombs Thermogenic Fat Burner - BlackBombs’ expertly selected ingredient combinations mean you will get profound appetite suppressing effects, coupled with a lasting feeling of satiety (feeling of fullness), as well as elevated metabolism, increased mobilisation of fat stores (using fat stores for energy) and reduced adipogenesis aka less fat storage. 

Whey Protein Shadowhey Isolate - Contains 26 grams of the highest quality, rapid-acting whey protein isolate per serving, without unnecessary carbs and fat, 0g sugar and with optimal doses of BCAA’s for maximal muscle repair.

Consuming whey protein feeds muscle, with minimal calories, during and after exercise. It also maximises muscle repair which over time, improves lean muscle to fat ratio (more muscle and less fat). Consistent intake of whey protein results in a drip feed of amino acids to the body resulting in improved satiety (feeling of fullness), reduced appetite and satisfies that ‘sweet’ craving most get from time to time!

CLA: Our CLA softgels (1000mg CLA) are a quick and convenient way of getting more of this important omega-6 fatty acid into your diet, without the extra calories. CLA acts on certain receptors related to fat burning, specifically the Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor (PPAR), hence why CLA is understood to be involved in glucose and lipid metabolism aka the fat burning process.

FAT OFF! Protein Bar: When it comes to fat loss, cutting out unhealthy and unnecessary snacks is paramount…but it ain’t all that easy!

So, what if we told you that you could have a super convenient, super delicious and super healthy snack as part of your fat loss journey, one that is very low sugar and very high protein that also comes with added fibre for that feeling of fullness…would you be interested?

Yes? What if the added fibre also resulted in faster transit of fat through the digestive tract (potentially meaning we absorb less total calories) and could contribute to overall digestive and heart health? Would you be able squeeze this bad boy into your daily dietary intake? Win win right? Hence why FAT OFF! Protein Bars are in our DY FAT LOSS Stack.

Blood & Guts Pre-Workout – The better you’re able to exercise, the better you’re able to burn fat! Simple as that.

Blood & Guts is a multi-faceted, energy boosting, fatigue reducing, performance optimising powerhouse. One serving 20mins before your session will catapult you into a place of immediate and yet clear, sustained energy and focus! Burning fat, Blood & Guts style.

DY Nutrition Shaker: The essential tool for mixing and consuming all of your Fat Loss Stack supplements throughout the day. 

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