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Back to the GYM Pack -20%: Whey Protein Isolate (Chocolate), BCAA (Strawberry), Pre-Workout (Strawberry-Lemon))

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A perfect pack for starting an intense workout period when the gyms are open.

This package includes the best 3 products that should be use by anyone who wants to have an intense workout. 

  1. One box of Renew Pre-workout (Strawberry-Lemon)
  2. One box of Intra-workout Renew BCAA (Strawberry),
  3. One box Renew Protein Isolate (Chocolate).

All in a simple to transport, easy to prepare and hygienic packaging - individual sachets.

You have 10% discount from DY Nutrition, or 20% discount if you have a personal trainer promo code to add it at checkout!

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