We want to thank you for your effort and we want the merits and results of each team member to be recognized.
For this reason, DY Nutrition begins in 2021, a series of events to promote its partners as well as a healthy lifestyle, which involves exercise and a balanced diet.
If you are one of the affiliated partners of DY Nutrition, you can register for this event.



The success of a personal trainer lies in the success of their clients. That's why we want to promote the best version of you, who wants to perform well consistently.
The event that you can sign up for will take place as follows:

There are two categories and you can only subscribe to one of them:

  1. Weight Loss - the most pounds lost in 3 months through training, a healthy balanced diet and nutritional supplements.
  2. Best Physique - the best shape / transformation (overall look), after 3 months of training, diet and nutritional supplements.

The contest is conducted according to the following rules:

The event takes place over a period of 3 months.

Any official partner coach of DY Nutrition can register for each category, with only one client.

The clients of the registered personal trainers will receive a starter pack for 'weight loss for category 1' and a starter pack for 'muscle mass construction for category 2' (to cover the need for the 3 months).

In order for the registration to be valid, you must register in the form below, and you must sent to marketing@dynutrition.com the following materials:

  • a 360 video of the client with whom you are going to participate in contest,
  • a front photo, a side photo and a back photo (women with bra & shorts and men with bare busts and shorts),
  • height and weight of the client,
  • client's full name.

Also, for the Weight Loss category you need a picture with the client on the scale to see the initial weight. If the files are too large and you cannot upload them via chat, you can send them to email marketing@dynutrition.com directly or via wetransfer.com.

In order for the entire participation to be valid, photos and videos must be sent to DY Nutrition (also through the chat of the application) weekly from the trainings by each coach (minimum two materials - images and video).

At the end of the 3-month period, the winners (the best transformation) of each category will be chosen by a panel of 4 people from the top management of DY Nutrition (including Dorian Yates himself) and both client and personal trainer will win a prize in the form of products from DY Nutrition worth £200 (value voucher). The coaches will be presented in a section of the dyutrition.co.uk website - which will be named after the event - DY HIT CHALLENGE and will receive a diploma from DY Nutrition, signed by Dorian Yates.

The event will take place three times per year starting in 2021. At the end of each year, the DY Nutrition Awards Gala will be organized, where Dorian Yates will award the Personal Trainer of the Year in the UK.

You can enter this contest starting September 1st, 2021 until September 14th, 2021.

The contest will start on September 15th, 2021, and the winners will be chosen and announced on December 20th, 2021.