Muscle Stack Pack

Weight Gain Pack

Introducing our brand new… Gainer Stack! These are 4 products, hand-picked by Dorian Yates himself that he recommends for you to supplement your diet with to help in your muscle building journey. Dorian recommends either our Game Changer Mass (in particular if you’re fairly young with a fast metabolism) or one of our Shadowhey Proteins.

Next up in the stack is probably the most researched supplement of all time… creatine! Our blend of 4 different types of creatine is the perfect choice as it delivers better absorption, better outcomes and a product that adds cumulative benefits each time you take it.

The third item is our stack is a product that is often overlooked… a quality joint support supplement. Many people only realize they need a supplement for their joints when they feel that wear and tear. Well, at DY Nutrition, we believe that prevention is better than cure! Our brand new RENEW Joint Support expertly selects ingredients that synergistically and cumulatively benefit the joints from connective tissue through to the bones themselves. You might have the strongest ligaments and tendons going, but if they are exerting their force/ pulling on weak bones, then injury is sure to follow.

The final supplement in our muscle building stack is, BCAAs! In today's market, you’ll usually see a BCAA ratio of 2:1:1 or if you’re lucky, a 4:1:1 ratio. At DY Nutrition, we’ve taken it further to provide you with a quality BCAA product with a few additional ingredients, designed to help you maximize your workouts. We’ve gone with a whopping 10:1:1 ratio! We’ve gone ahead and added in Beta-Alanine, Citrulline Malate and L-Tyrosine so that you’ll be able to sustain maximum effort on each and every set, to smash your workouts!

Fat Loss Stack Pack